“Study and respect are the beginning of a path leading to a deeper knowledge of the raw ingredient. Along the way, we learn to eliminate what we don’t need and focus on essence in its purest form. It’s a kind of conscious simplicity which holds complexity and content.” Scopri di più
“As for the Arts and Math, beauty for my cuisine is not mere appearance but also – and above all – content, it is the drive and the goal of the creative effort. In my opinion beauty is synthesis and simplicity: it is what I also love of Architecture and design… That is why there’s much consistency between my dishes and the style we chose for Casadonna and Reale; same attention to materials, same minimal approach and same search for essentiality” Scopri di più
“I love digging deeper into the work of arts of the great artists. I am fascinated by the talent Art has to condense instinct, mindset and knowledge and transmit them through an idea of beauty, which is always understandable. I don’t know if cooking can be thought as a form of art, but I always tend to the idea of beauty as synthesis of content. I want my dishes to make people think and be capable to communicate complex messages, enjoyable and understandable at the same time" Scopri di più
“Creativity is that process pushing me to constantly search for a purer and more intense expression of the matter. It is an ongoing impulse, my dishes are always morphing and evolving to get to the extreme purity and synthesis of flavor. My creative process starts studying the matter. It is research guided by intuition" Scopri di più
“Research is at the core of my cuisine and projects. Any new creation, whether it is a dish for Reale or a product for my Laboratorio, is the result of study and experimentation, focused on understanding all aspects of the matter: texture, taste and lightness… Thanks to the great research study that has always distinguished Reale Restaurant, new projects have come to life, different expressions of the same values and philosophy.” Scopri di più
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