Niko Romito group

Niko Romito Group is a global player in the scenario of the contemporary food industry. In addition to Casadonna and Reale Restaurant, the Group is engaged within the scope of several activities: Accademia Niko Romito (Vocational Culinary Academy) along with the future Campus, an hub of applied research for the future of nutrition and food processing techniques; production of exclusive pastry and bakery products from Laboratorio Niko Romito; development of independent gastronomic formats such as Spazio Niko Romito, Bomba Niko Romito and Alt – Stazione del Gusto (the Landing Station of Taste); counselling for the group Bulgari Hotel & Resort for which Niko Romito creates signature dishes enriching the gastronomic offer in the world.

ALT Stazione del Gusto

The first ALT opened in 2018 in Castel di Sangro, along the Statale 17 road and second place can be found today in Montesilvano (Pescara). ALT is a café, a restaurant, a deli and a diner with a rotisserie, open all-day. It is a welcoming and easy-going place where to take a break during a trip, having lunch, dinner, a quick snack or breakfast and buying some good food to go.

BOMBA Niko Romito

An authentic Italian street-food format based on the “Bomba”, which is a krapfen-like traditional pastry revised in a contemporary version, both sweet and savoury. After a first pop-up in Naples in 2015 and one in Milan in 2018, today Bomba can be found in Spazio Niko Romito Bar e Cucina in Rome, in ALT (Castel di Sangro, Montesilvano. Bomba is also included in the bar menu of the Bulgari Hotels and in Milan, Bejing and Paris, and it is often declined in temporary formats.

Niko Romito

spazio Niko Romito Ristorante

Spazio is a restaurant whose concept develops around contemporary Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a strong identity, all ideas born in the kitchen of Reale Restaurant are reinterpreted to set a more familiar tone. It is a new concept where the idea of purity, beauty and simplicity, at the core of Niko Romito’s philosophy characterizes the service, cuisine and furniture.

spazio ristorante didattico

SPAZIO training restaurant Rivisondoli Spazio Rivisondoli is located where Reale Restaurant used to be. In 2013 it became the training restaurant of the Accademia Niko Romito (the chef’s Vocational Culinary Academy), where the public can taste the students’ cuisine.


spazio Bar e Cucina Roma

Spazio Bar e Cucina it is an Italian café with food service. The culinary offer combines the idea of contemporary Italian restaurant with the Italian classic café. It is a versatile space, open from breakfast to the evening aperitif. It is an innovative idea of conviviality, a demanding cuisine, with a strong identity but accessible.

Bulgari Il Ristorante – Niko Romito

Il Ristorante – Niko Romito, within Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in the world, represents a catering model with a strong identity, where the taste and elegance of Italian cuisine meet the Chef’s innovative philosophy. For this project Niko Romito has created the new codes of contemporary Italian cuisine by rewriting iconic recipes according to his canon of purity, synthesis and lightness.


Casadonna is a 16th century former monastery in Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, brought back to life after a courageous restoration focused on maintaining its historical character and transitioning into a contemporary one. Inside the monastery ancient spaces, Cristiana and Niko Romito created the restaurant, ten guest rooms and Niko Romito Vocational Culinary School (Accademia Niko Romito). The building is surrounded by six hectares of land, with a Pecorino vineyard producing Casadonna’s wine.


The journey for Reale started in 2000, in Rivisondoli, when Cristiana and Niko took over the trattoria of their father Antonio. In 2011, the restaurant was moved to Casadonna where, in 2014, it clinched the third Michelin Star. Ristorante Reale, is today the beating heart of Niko Romito’s universe, it is the laboratory where research is an ongoing process and all new dishes for Reale are brought to light. But it is also where his creative drive stems from, laying the foundations for all the other projects of the Niko Romito Group.

laboratorio Niko Romito

Niko Romito

Making good, light and healthy products and offering quality in a more extensive, more democratic way. The useful creativity inspires the work of Laboratorio Niko Romito and translates into a unique line of leavened products, biscuits, baked goods, jams and nectars that interpret the traditional Italian taste, lightened in fat and sugar and certified BIO and VEGAN OK since 2020.

laboratorio Niko Romito Milano

accademia Niko Romito

«I created this school because I am convinced that, particularly in the catering sector, there is a need for integrated and complete training that teaches aspiring chefs not only to cook, but also to understand what they cook. At the Academy I teach my students to be creative while respecting the essence of food. But I also teach life in the kitchen and in the brigade, teamwork. For me, this means being cooks». Niko Romito

The Niko Romito Academy is a school of advanced training and professional specialization dedicated to the world of catering and cooking. A 450 square meter structure surrounded by nature, in a wing of a former 16th century monastery in Castel di Sangro, in the heart of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. A classroom for theoretical lessons, two cooking workshops, a bakery and pastry shop, a vineyard and an experimental apiary are the environments that make up the school. It is here that aspiring chefs have the opportunity to experience a training path that becomes professional.

A fundamental moment of the training path of the students is represented by the
didactic restaurant in Rivisondoli (AQ), where the students manage the structure for a month under the guidance of a chef tutor. The experience at the didactic restaurant is in fact an educational accelerator, in which each student experiences immersion in the direct activity of a real restaurant, getting to know all the aspects of the restaurant business. The guys design the menu, calculate the food cost, cook and serve in the dining room, telling the customer about each dish brought to the customer in person.

At the end of this period, the students who pass the third test will complete the course with six months of curricular internship at Spazio Roma or Spazio Milano, at the Reale di Castel di Sangro, or in a Niko Romito restaurant of the Bulgari chain or in catering establishments of national level connected to the Academy.

campus Niko Romito

The Campus aspires to train a new generation of cooks who can write the new paradigm of collective catering, exploring the field of nutrition and transformation technologies of cooking and agro-industry. The application and
implementation of the Niko Romito Method in mass catering will mark an
important change of pace.

Il Campus aspira a formare una nuova generazione di cuochi che possano scrivere il nuovo paradigma della ristorazione collettiva, esplorando il campo della nutrizione e delle tecnologie di trasformazione della cucina e dell’agroindustria. L’applicazione e l’implementazione del Metodo Niko Romito nella ristorazione collettiva, segnerà un importante cambio di passo.

It is a field-testing method, certified by the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ and indicated by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), as best practise with reference to the Mediterranean diet. It is a method proving that eating well through the integration of tasty and healthy ingredients, respecting the economic and environmental sustainability and the principles for food circularity to prevent food wasting is not only possible, but it is a must-to do thing.

project campus Niko Romito

nutritional intelligence

“Chef’s creativity can become a useful creativity and be therefore put at the service of the community. It is fundamental to foster dialogue among chefs, doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs to revolutionize our food system and bring taste, quality and health in the food industry, and Nutritional Intelligence project proves it is possible. The organoleptic and nutritional properties of the new menus developed and the standardization and replicability of the recipes allow patients to experience their hospital stay in a different way. Food becomes an integral part of their care, as well as a valuable tool for dietary education”.


NI – Nutritional Intelligence is a project developed in partnership with the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, with Giomi Group/Gioservice and the Cristo Re Hospital in Rome. The entire production chain of the hospital has been rethought based on the application of food processing techniques implemented by Niko Romito at Reale Restaurant. Thanks to this approach, not only the chemical – physical characteristics of the food served are improved but also the nutritional values of the after-cooked food. The project was implemented respecting the budget agreed upon.

From the studies made on NI, two scientific articles were published proving the validity of the method developed. For further reference: “International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science” and “Nutrition”.