PORTRAIT: Michele Chianese: Being a waiter is like playing a character in theatre

‘’Being a waiter is like playing a character in theatre, it has to do with entertaining people and getting connected with them’’. Michele Chianese, born in 1991 in Mugnano Napoli, loves working in the dining room. He used to be a stage actor, his passion for transformations and costumes as well all Neapolitan characters played in theatre, contributed to make his work a way to tell people about himself and make them have fun.

Before joining Reale Restaurant, he used to work in many Michelin starred restaurants, a couple of which outside Italy. At that time, he used to follow strict guidelines and rules because it was what being a waiter was all about. Since the first job interview, he had with Cristiana Romito, back to 2021, Michele realized that the style of service and all it had to do with, were totally different.

“Less rules, high standards, I would say the highest ever found but flexibility, less roles, more person-centered approach and above all a sympathetic attitude. In brief, he tells what made him fall in love with Reale Restaurant”.

‘’Working at Reale Restaurant meant working a lot on myself, flinging my vanity aside and making space for frankness and a more sympathetic attitude’’