PORTRAIT Rosanna, aperitifs and smile

Rosanna is from Cassino. She was sure to study languages at University, but a cruise changed her destiny. She fell in love with travelling by sea and with the meaning that travelling has: to seek, to find, to explore and without thinking too much she decided to work in the tourism industry.
She gave up her university and left for an internship and soon after she boarded. Caraibi, North Europe, Brazil, several destinations that helped her grow up and learn languages. After six years she decided to go back her home country and keep working in the tourism industry without renouncing to her family, living between Campania and Abruzzo regions.

Today she is part of Casadonna Hospitality staff, responsible for breakfasts and the bar area, form the teas and infusions to the aperitifs.

Her charming smile and unique look are second to none, when we ask her to describe Casadonna hospitality in five words, she answers: ‘’Smiles, Empathy, Cuddles, Home, Family, it’s what Cristiana has taught us about hospitality’’