Reale | Casadonna’s new season

Cristiana and Niko Romito reopen the doors of Reale Restaurant | Casadonna with a new tasting menuand new items on a la carte menu.

The constant research on food transformation processes aimed at interpreting taste, has led us todeepen the study both on raw ingredients and on the complex system of the natural variables thatcharacterize them.

Vegetables never stay the same, they constantly change depending on climate, soil, sun exposure andmicro-seasonality. They require awareness and focus to be able to interpret them. We have developedour ability to feel the product and learnt how to use our creativity to have to do with this never endingchanging ingredient’’
Niko Romito

We tried to understand how a vegetable can change within its own season, depending on altitude, microclimate, cultivation and variety. Short supply chains are always more considered as a sustainable alternative, we are getting our products supply from the great biodiversity of Abruzzo region and its surroundings. We have learnt to catch all changing features that a product can have and adjust technique and creativity to them for a perfect balance that in this menu, represents the result of a dynamic process rather than a static one.

This new awareness stimulates the technique and contributes to the synthesis of the taste and to its concentration to emphasize it. A study approach focused on the product and its changing that led to the creation of new dishes realized using the animal protein.

The new items on our menu, speak of a journey across new ingredients, temperatures, finishing techniques, acidification and aging.

Mushroom salad – exploration of the potentialities of Crema mushroom variety, which is a less known but tastier variety of the common champignon mushroom.

Rice, pepper and apple – reinterpretation of the traditional Italian risotto through temperature, bitter flavor and a new use of the apple. Sea bass and lemon, study on the fish structure, concentration of taste and selection of the best fish.

Cazzarielli pasta and Parrozzo tribute to the tradition of Abruzzo region, modern reinterpretation of iconic dishes and flavors, following the principles of elegance, lightness and intensity of the taste.

Reale Tasting Menu consists of carefully selected wine pairings, cocktails, infusions and soft drinks. The connection between food and wine, between the cuisine and our sommelier Gianni Sinesi, creates an intense journey along tastes.

“Reale restaurant and Casadonna evolve naturally, through confirmations and new items. During ourholiday closure we have restored the wide terrace overlooking the estate and searched for new detailsand materials for our rooms and spaces. The Dining Room, the Kitchen and the Hospitality Staff at Reale Restaurant and Casadonna look forward to welcoming you for a new year according to elegance and research”.
Cristiana Romito

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