Niko Romito spoked in front of more than a thousand Italian students in the United Nations General Assembly Hall

This morning, Chef Niko Romito spoked in front of more than a thousand Italian students, from the evocative stage of the United Nations General Assembly Hall, during the “GCMUN TALKS”, The Arts for Global Citizenship #AGCNewYork23. It is an unprecedented format to think and practice global citizenship education together with young people through the different languages of art.

This event is part of the kermess The Global Citizens Model United Nations (GCMUN), an international student simulation of the negotiating work of the United Nations General Assembly, organized by United Network Europa, is underway in New York throughout March, with the participation of more than 5,000 students from around the world.  

For this first edition of the “GCMUN TALKS,” made possible by the indispensable support of the Permanent Representation of Italy to the United Nations, the organizers Lorenzo Micheli and Riccardo Messina invited Chef Niko Romito and the Italian singer Achille Lauro, to present their experiences and visions of the future.

Niko Romito told to the students about his path, focusing on the importance of study and research, which are the key of any innovation, and allowed him to develop his rich universe of projects. He explained why the results of this research in fine-dining has led him to work in democratizing a good and healthy nutrition and collaborate with hospitals and schools’ collective caterings.

After the speech, the students were involved in two performances: a collective art performance and an Artificial Intelligence one. They were asked to choose a colorful panel and show it, while during the speech they selected some colors and forms that were then elaborated by AI and the resulting work of art projected on the screens.


United Network

United network is a NGO officially associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communication (DGC); UN is a founding member of the United Nations Global Compact – Italy. Since 2020 it has been an NGO with consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

Specially designed teaching methods are adopted in the training courses in order to develop not so much knowledge as soft skills, the soft skills most in demand in the world of work. Key among these are: team working; leadership; planning; public speaking; adaptability; self-confidence;communication; problem solving; and independence.