Niko Romito



A self-taught Chef, deeply rooted in Abruzzo, the region he was born in. When Niko first entered a kitchen, he never thought it would become his world. He was actually studying Economics at university in Rome, with still a few exams to take to complete it, dreaming of a career as Finance Advisor, when his father, who had recently transformed the family-run pastry shop Reale into a trattoria, fell ill.

Cristiana and Niko came back to Abruzzo to take care of the trattoria, with the intention of keeping it going until they would find a buyer. The two siblings instead, became passionate for the job and when their father passed away, they decided to take over the Reale.

With no culinary background, Niko quickly crafted a personal cuisine of his own and in just 7 years clinched his first Michelin star.

In 2011, the restaurant moved to Casadonna, a 16th century former Monastery in Castel di Sangro that Cristiana and Niko renovated and furnished by choosing materials and works of art aligned with their idea of elegance, purity and beauty and consistent with the culinary philosophy of Reale Restaurant.

There, in addition to the restaurant and the rooms, a vocational school for professional training was established, the Accademia Niko Romito (Vocational Culinary Academy).

In November 2014, the restaurant was awarded the third Michelin star and Niko started developing new formats.

Today, through an in-depth study, research and relentless experimentations, combined with a strong entrepreneurial drive, Niko Romito has succeeded in consolidating an innovative culinary style, infused with his own identity together with a complex system that combines haute-cuisine, various formats, top level training and products for home consumption.

Cooking philosophy







analytical creativity

functional cuisine


Cristiana and Niko
take over Ristorante Reale.

Ravioli di ricotta di pecora e acqua

Niko is appointed
“Young Chef of the year”
by Espresso Guide.


First Michelin star.


Second Michelin star.

Publishing of the book Niko. La semplicità Reale di Niko Romito, Clara Padovani Gigi Padovani (Edited by Giunti Editore ).
Assoluto di Cipolla

Melanzana arrosto
e caramello di pesca


Reale Restaurant moves to Casadonna

Reale Restaurant is awarded with the
‘Lunch of the Year Award' by the Espresso Guide.


Niko Romito vocational school is established.

Niko Romito is named ‘Best Chef of the Year’
2012 by Identità Golose.


Inauguration of the first Spazio
in Rivisondoli, the Spazio “Zero”.

Bread becomes one of the items
in the tasting menu of Ristorante Reale.

The project Unforketable is launched

an online video encyclopedia featuring
contemporary Italian cuisine.

The 3 Michelin star.

Inauguration of Spazio in Rome.

Carciofo e rosmarino


Inauguration of Spazio in Milan.

Inauguration of ‘Bomba’ temporary store
in Naples.

‘Performance of the Year’
award by the Espresso Guide.

Publishing of the book Dieci lezioni
di cucina by Niko Romito
and Laura Lazzaroni (edited by Giunti).


Unveiling of the project ‘Nutritional Intelligence’ in partnership with ‘Università La Sapienza’ in Rome.


Inauguration of the first Il Ristorante - Niko Romito in Beijing

Inauguration, after a few months, of the second ‘Ristorante Niko Romito’ in Dubai.

Reale Restaurant
enters into the top of the World's
50 Best restaurants at No.43

Inauguration of Il Ristorante-Niko Romito in Shanghai
and in Milan, the one in Shanghai clinches
the first Micheline star.

Inauguration of PANE Laboatorio and ALT (Landing Station of Taste) in Castel di Sangro.

Niko Romito participates in the broadcast Youth Empowerment by Save the Children in Bolivia, with the support of Bulgari.
Publishing of the book
La cucina italiana di Niko Romito a casa tua by
Niko Romito and Elisia Menduni (edited by Giunti).
The University Campus for research and advanced culinary Arts enters design phase.
Publishing of the book Apparentemente semplice by Niko Romito
and Leopoldo Gasbarro
(edited by Sperling and Kupfer).
Inauguration of Spazio Bar and Cucina in Rome.
Reale Restaurant confirms its position at the top of the ranking of the Italian Restaurants Guides,
with 5 Hats by the Espresso Guide and
96/100 points by Gambero Rosso Guide.
Spazio Niko Romito Restaurant in Milan is awarded
with 2 Hats by the Expresso Guide.

Il Ristorante - Niko Romito in Beijing clinches the first Michelin star.

Best European Chef of the Year award by Madrid Fusion.
PANE Laboratory evolves
into Niko Romito Laboratory,
the research and development laboratory
on baking process and fermentation
techniques of leavened products of
traditional pastry.
Niko Romito is testimonial at Dubai Expo for the future of the food and takes part in the forum "Food for Planet".

The catering of the Italian Pavillon is given to the format Spazio Niko Romito.

Chef Mentor award by Michelin Guide.
Inauguration of the second ALT
in Montesilvano.
Opening of Il Ristorante
Niko Romito at Bulgari Hotel in Paris.
The regional law concerning the value of the Campus of Niko Romito Research and Vocational Culinary Academy for Abruzzo Region is unanimously approved.

Foglia di broccolo e anice

Reale Restaurant launches its plant-based
tasting menu completely dedicated to vegetables.

Niko Romito starts his collaboration with the World Economic Forum
as inspirational source for a new vision about nutrition.nutrizione.
Il Ristorante - Niko Romito at Bulgari Hotel & Resorts in Dubai
clinches two Michelin stars
at the first -ever edition in United Arab Emirates of Michelin Guide.
Reale Restaurant climbs to No. 15 on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list.
Chef Niko Romito is the 14th chef in the world 14 according to the ranking The Best Chef Award.
Laboratorio Niko Romito apre il suo
primo flagship store a Milano.