Abruzzo runs deep in Romito’s work, but what used to be a quite literal “presence” (through an updating of the local gastronomic tradition, with early dishes that were at the same time contemporary and reassuring) has gradually shifted, an emancipation of sorts: “I still draw from my territory for the best products but today for […]


The Casadonna complex is located in Castel di Sangro (in Southern Abruzzo) on the original site of a 16th Century monastery, surrounded by the peaks and valleys of Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo. The property sits on an estate of more than six hectares, located approximately 800 meters above sea level, and includes a vineyard (with the […]


“My food is often described as simple. This is very true, in the sense that it is not complicated, which is not to say that it is without significant complexity. In cooking, complexity can be advantageous; complication never”. (Niko Romito, “10 Lezioni di Cucina”, Giunti editore) Niko Romito was born in 1974 in Castel di […]


ALT, the new project of the Accademia Niko Romito, opens its doors in Castel di Sangro

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